Biopharmaceutical products gain greater importance in every day medical applications.

The Brazilian Opportunity

Brazil’s economy is steadily growing. The market for biopharmaceutical products increases in Brazil - The Ministry of Health (MOH) already spends U$ 1 billion (R$ 2 Billion)/ year on these drugs. Biopharmaceuticals represent 41% of MOH’s yearly budget in medicines. Pharmapraxis will have a cGMP bio-pharmaceutical facility so to provide services in cell cultivation, protein expression, purification and/or final formulation.

One of the main buyers for these products in Brazil is the Federal Government. There is great interest of the public authority as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Science and Technology for Industry and Commerce. They are aware of the importance that these products represent to Brazilian Trade Balance- all of them imported from other countries.


PharmaPraxis will take advantage of the Axis Biotec Brasil Group’s core expertise to more rapidly and efficiently launch innovative biopharmaceutical products, and pharmacogenomics kits in Brazil.